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Last change: May 9, 1998.

My favorite dreams

This page lists a few of my favorite dreams. It's just another way of showing who I am, what fascinates me, what I like, etc.

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Bringing toys to the physical world

The first dream that has stayed with me forever occured during my early childhood. I must have been five years old and it stroke me that in dreams I had wonderful toys but once I woke up these toys disappeared. So, with much intent I hold onto one of these toys, forced myself to wake up and was very surprised that my attempt had failed.

Chinese man next to my bed

This is one of the most upsetting dreams I have ever had, even though it was a very positive one. I must have been 15 or 16 and I often had false awakenings at the time. Which means dreaming that you have woke up only to wake up realizing that it was a dream, etc.

I had just "woke" up. Suddenly I was aware of something at the right side of the bed, which is a bit weird because the bed is against the wall at the right side, under the window with the curtains closed. I look right and some kind of realer than real space seems to be overlayed through the wall and window. The light also has a hyperreal quality.

In the middle of it all there's a Chinese man sitting quietly, like he somehow belongs to me.

I'm so shocked and frightened by this strange event that I turn around and don't dare to look up or back for many minutes.

Double Dreams

Sometimes it's amazingly easy to incubate any kind of dream you want. After I had read about dreaming about being somebody else I immediately had a dream in which I was all the dream characters at the same time. That is to say: all the dream characters were independent characters, but I could feel their emotions, their convictions, their thoughts, everything.

The next day I read that you could have multiple dreams at the same time. Which turned out to be true the next night, but I never succeeded in catching this experience into words.

Back to the past

This was a dream I had during the most frustrating parts of the disease, where I had no life at all, where any social contact would immediately drain the little energy I had left and there wasn't even the slightest creative thing I could do. Even watching tv was sometimes a huge challenge. It's hard to image but I could simply not understand what was going on at the screen.

At the point where it seemed questionable if I ever would regain a little bit of life again, I dreamt about a period very early in my life. Judged by the main character in it I would have been 6 or 7. I always looked at this period as the toughest and most miserable in my life. The dream reminded me that it was in many respects also the happiest time of my life and that your state of mind does not need to depend on your circumstances at all.

Fighting the Shadow

A recent dream that may be a cue for an important change. Here it is, no comments.

It's early in the morning and I suddenly realize that I've been thinking and dreaming on the same software design problem for at least two hours. This is insane and I want it to stop, I need silence and some peace of mind. [This part can be either a dream or a waking experience or both, I don't really know].

I'm confronted with a shadow. It's a somewhat formless shadow and it moves independent from me. I'm somewhere outdoors in empty space, there's nothing to be seen around and it doesn't matter. I feel terrorized by the shadow and I feel I need to fight it. I'm on my knees and start stabbing the shadow with a wooden pin. The shadow does not weaken its influence on me. I try to keep my mind silenced as my life may depend on it. I wonder if I'll survive. But this event be just like being locked at the border awakening from sleep [when you're awake but the body doesn't move because it thinks you're still sleeping], eventually I always succeed in coming back.

Suddenly the complete right side of my belly starts hurting from just under my chest to my hips. I'm surprised, I didn't know something was wrong there. I hold my belly with my left hand and keep stabbing the shadow with my right hand while still on my knees.

Harry Bosma is looking forward to comments, email him at hbosma@xs4all.nl. For dream interpretations please visit the Mythwell.com site for the Alchera dreaming software.

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