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Last modified: March 12, 2003.

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If you wonder what your dreams mean you should try the links in the interpretation section. There are many excellent resources to show you how to work with your dreams.

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Essential sites
ASD logoThe Association for the Study of Dreams is an organization dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of dreams. The ASD is by far the most prominent organization in the field. Available at their site is a comprehensive literature list. There's also a bulletin board you can use to exchange messages with fellow dreamers.
IntroductionThe Dream Doctor answers all your questions about dreams and sleep. This website also has many specialized sections like those for teenagers, parents and seniors. An excellent site.
Spiral The Dream Tree, a lovely site with Quotes, Dreams on Film, Methods and Ideas, Research and Projects, Dreaming News and a Calendar.

Sleeping researchcat Sleep, dreams and wakefulness is a very informative site from the Department of Experimental Medicine, Claude Bernard University, France.
Mysterious hand reaching downNot everyone considers sleepwalking a problem that needs treatment. Visit this breath of fresh air, the Diary of a Somnambulist of Christine.
LinksThe Sleep Medicine Home Page offers a rather comprehensive overview of everything related to sleep, including many links to information on sleeping disorders.

Dictionary Dream Central has various lively discussion boards, including one for prophetic dreams. There's also an online dictionary.
BlessingNiki Leboeuf's Dream Vortex offers dream interpretation, dream journaling tips, book and website reviews and some of her own dreams. The picture on the left is from one of her dreams.
Guide Cyndi explains the TTAQ method, talks about nightmares and tells how to talk about dreams with children at Cyndi's Dream Interpretation Guide.
Indian figureCorrelli is a psychiatrist with among others an interest in dreams. (Internal links of this site may be corrupted).
ColorsWorking with Color in Dreams is a useful reference if you're puzzled about colors in your dream.
PsychologyDreamland is a place with dreams submitted for sharing and interpretation. Well chosen categories invite to explore submitted dreams. Your guide is Shelley Wu.
SampleThe Dreamtime offers a free sample interpretation. I liked it.
John SulerMost dreamers use a multitude of methods for understanding and playing with their dreams. A few of these methods can be found at Working and Playing with Dreams, by John Suler.
PaganWhite Horse is a wonderful website also offering some music.
cloudsThe Dream Chimney's collects and comments on submitted dreams. Some dreams have been turned into really nice animations. Also interesting are the dream questions, especially the one where people tell about their experiences with dreams predicting the future.
Coaching Awakening the Medicine Dream offers personal dream coaching.
dream world Pegasus Dreaming explains how to use the Tarot to work with dreams.
Handwritten Debbie Boling does dream interpretation at DreamSweep. She encourages you to submit handwritten dreams.
GillianGillian Holloway offers interesting articles and lots of sample interpretations with her Dream Interpretation Services and Resources.

IntroductionA student project resulted in Dreams and Dreaming, a comprehensive introduction to dreaming.
logoThe Dream Explanatorium features quotes on dreams, an article about the history of dream analysis and Zelda's Machine.
ArticlesThe Art and Science of Dreams by Lauri Jean Crowe is regularly updated with new articles. I liked the articles about sharing dreams with your family. Look for the more articles link to see all the articles she has written.
Flying pigMermaid's Wharfs is the homepage of Victoria Quinton, paying attention to children and dreams. She also has many interesting interviews online, first published in Electric Dreams.
MythologyMythos Institute Homepage: Resources for Growing Souls. This site explains the connection between dreams and mythology. You may need to look hard for it, but they still had a lot of dream related content with the last links check.
elf on a toalstoolDream Yoga introduces you to the six levels of Dream Yoga, a personal development approach brought to you by Joseph Dillard.
Articles Spirit Online is a comprehensive site that not only offers articles on dreaming but also explains meditation, religion and magic. Hidden in the etcetera section you can find an article about making dream pillows.
PremonitionsDo you have premonitions? Then you might want to pay a visit to the Central Premonitions Registry, a place to register your precognitive dreams. Doesn't look very active though.
BedsWisdom of Dreams by Betty Hollin has a nice history on beds and tips for getting a good night's sleep.
SharingA website selling mattresses also offers a guide to dreams. The Dream Sharing article is particularly interesting.
elf on a toalstoolThe Bridge Between the Ego and the Subconscious gives Lolie's view on topics like dreams and reincarnation, surrogate dreaming, problem solving or dream healing.
ArticlesThe website of Doctor Dream contains several nice articles. I especially liked The Temple of Ęsclepius very much.
Edgar Cayce Dreams and Dream Interpretation the Edgar Cayce way. It took a few years but it is now becoming a truly interesting site. This page is part of A.R.E. Inc. Also see DreamLink for their discussion of Edgar Cayce.
ArtArtwork of the collective unconscious is a nicely designed website by Gail Bixler featuring illustrated dreams and more.

Online Diaries
ScheidtCapturing the Lightning's Shadow by John Paul Scheidt.
LunaMaya's Dreams. One of the oldest online dream journals, and frequently updated as well.
Vogelein Dream Journal by Vogelein. Watch for the advertisement window popping up.
DonnaDonna Griffiths seems to be able to remember more of her dreams than most other people. Take a look at Donna's Dreams.
WillaWilla's Dream Journal. Warning, Willa's page disables your back button: you can get in, but you can't get out.

Enjoy your surfing!

Harry Bosma is looking forward to comments, email him at hbosma@xs4all.nl. For dream interpretations please visit the Mythwell.com site for the Alchera dreaming software.

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