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Last modified: November 29, 2002.

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Everything that is relatively advanced is linked at this page. Not commonly known are for example lucid dreams or dreams in which the dreamer is fully conscious of the changed state of mind. This awareness is said to have several benefits and that's why many dreamers actively seek lucid dreams. Every section on this page has links to lucid dreaming, especially but not exclusively the Lucidity section.

Except for advanced subjects, this pages also lists authors and researchers.

Recommended for those seriously interested in dreams is Electric Dreams. Go there and subscribe.

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Electric Dreams LogoElectric Dreams is an online vibe about dreams. Visit the site and request a subscription, it's good. Back issues as well as The best of ED articles are online.
Dream Network logoDream Network is A Quarterly Journal Exploring Dreams and Mythology since 1982.

Authors and Researchers
Bulkeley Kelly Bulkeley is promoting his latest book.
art by Caroline AtkinsonTony Crisp is the author of one of the few useful symbol dictionaries available. His website contains chapters of his books and various articles: Dreamhawk.
photoGayle Delaney has a webpage explaining her mission to teach the world about the benefits of dreams.
banana slugThe Quantitative Study of Dreams by Adam Schneider and William Domhoff presents ongoing research based on the work of Calvin S. Hall.
GarfieldUniversal Dream is the latest project of Patricia Garfield.
GackenbachSpiritwatch is the homepage of Jayne Gackenbach. It contains the Lucidity Letter, papers and articles as well as course descriptions. Recommended for acadamics.
Rosemary Ellen GuileyVisionary Living is the website of Rosemary Ellen Guiley, amongst other about angels. Many interesting articles as well as a monthly column.
HerbertA dissertation on dreamwork online by John Herbert, called Group Dreamwork Utilizing Computer Mediated Communication.
HughesScott Hughes explains the concept of the Idea Pyramid. Also available at the website is the book Inner Light: Your Fantasies and Dreams.
Connie KaplanTurtle Dreamers is the website of Connie Kaplan, author of the wonderful book Dreams Are Letters from the Soul. The front page works for all browsers, all the other pages of Turtle Dreamers require Internet Explorer.
Dreamwork 2000 is the website of Strephon Kaplan-Williams. Dreamwork 2000 features an online edition of his Dream Cards, give it a try! There's the consciousness forum (Strephon often joins the discussion), several online courses, a list of his books and more.
KrippnerStanley Krippner's website offers articles and an interesting interview, as well as an overview of his books. Interesting links too.
LaBergeLucid dreaming is the art of being being conscious while you are dreaming. One of the pioneers, Stephen LaBerge has a site with many interesting articles: The Lucidity Institute.
picture of Maria J. MateusCycleLogical Services is a website by Maria J. Mateus about astrology and dreams, and how dream interpretation can benefit from astrology.
MagallónFlying Dreams! is the current online project of Linda Lane Magallón, author of the provoking book Mutual Dreaming.
Melbourne / HearneThe authors of Dream Interpretation - The Secret, David Melbourne and Keith Hearne list some of their other projects.
picture of Robert MossWay of the Dreamer is the homepage of Robert Moss, author of two books adding a fresh perspective to the available books on lucid dreaming. Available are articles like the Temple of Dream Healing and some excerpts of the books.
Arabesque by PerkDream Journalist Cynthia Pearson is interested in precognition patterns within small communities. Very interesting.
Intuitive HeartThe homepage of Henry Reed contains much interesting to read. This is the man who invented the Dream Helper Ceremony, check it out if you never heard of it before.
SiegelDreamCatching is the title of Alan Siegel's last book, dedicated to children and their dreams.
Recurring Dreams is the title of both the website and the book by Kathleen Sullivan. The book describes how dreams helped her to gradually recover from a serious chronic fatigue syndrome. Not only is it very interesting for other patients to read, it's the only book I know that discusses personal dream series so comprehensively. You can also listen to her weekly radio show.
TartThe Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences seems to be a project of Charles T. Tart. I liked the account titled a healing meditation suddenly gets very real. The site has an interesting page with links.
Jeremy TaylorJeremy Taylor discusses various common dream themes and explains why dreamwork over the internet may actually work better than dreamwork the oldfashioned way.
UllmanMontague Ullman was the director of the Maimonides Medical Center (see Vaughan).
Robert Van de Castle launched Our Dreaming Mind, where you can order copies of the classic book with the same name. You should also check out his offer to analyze your dreams.
Van EedenBlake Wilfong's the World of the Wondersmith has brought A Study of Dreams by Frederik van Eeden online. Frederik van Eeden is said to have been the one who introduced the term lucid dreaming.
VaughanAlan Vaughan was one of the tree authors of the book describing the famous Maimonides Dream Lab experiments, involving dream telepathy and dreaming about the future. He has an interesting website. Check out the Psychic Reward software to test your own precognitive skills.
WilkersonArticles on Postmodern Dreaming by cyberdreamer Richard Catlett Wilkerson.

Carlos Castaneda
OrganizationCleargreen offers workshops, books, video's, bulletins and tools for all interested in the way of the warrior.
Dreamlike mixture of symbolsI like Paul Levy's Resonate Spiritual / Transformational Resources best for its information on Toltec, Mayan and Tibetan dreampractices. I've given up on linking to specific pages as this site seems to be in serious flux forever.
ListsAt The Nagual Network you will find information on the Ixtlan Mailing List. Distinct lay-out and style.

LucidityThe Lucid Crossroads offers a space in the dream world where lucid dreamers can meet. The many 3D graphics alone make this website worth a visit.
PrimerIan Wilson kindly offers a free online Course on Consciousness.
Sample of the sites' graphicsLearn to Dream Lucid by Stepping Through The Mirror and Go Beyond Dreaming is the title of a site that redefines the norms of webdesigning. Well, I think it's an impressive combination of good information with a compelling graphical design.
ProjectsLucid Dream Central (also known as Bird's Lucid Dreaming Website) features several projects for (aspirant) lucid dreamers to get involved with.
LuciditySpiritWeb not only has a Dreamswork section maintained by Pamela Ryan, but also introduces discusses related phenomena like Out of Body Experiences.
LucidityLucid Dream Induction has an article explaining the effectiveness of different techniques for inducing lucid dreams.
stretching exercise Taoist Dream Practice by Juan Li. It explains the relationship between your body, your energy-level and lucid dreaming. The article is part of the Taoist Healing Arts website.

Enjoy your surfing!

Harry Bosma is looking forward to comments, email him at hbosma@xs4all.nl. For dream interpretations please visit the Mythwell.com site for the Alchera dreaming software.

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