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Last modified: January 4, 2005.

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European sites

Some of the sites may have English sections and translations, though if nothing is mentioned you can assume it's only in the foreign language.

Tthis is the only part of Healing Dreams I'm actively maintaining at the moment. I'm open for suggestions for Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish and French sites, or websites in any other European languages.

One of my favorite translation engines is Google. Try to bookmark Google Translate! (click with your right mouse button on the link to open a context menu), and then click the bookmark whenever you want to translate a website. Thanks John Hiler!

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OrganizationThe Vereniging voor de Studie van Dromen (Dutch version of the Association for the Study of Dreams, not related).
Dreamwork Wendy's Web is the Dutch site from Wendy Gillissen. She explains dreamwork, as well as regression therapy.
DreambaseThe Twisk dreambase is a Dutch / English website for sharing dreams.
CenterThe Droomcentrum is a Dutch / English website from Tjitske Wijngaard. Content is however mostly Dutch. The website has an excellent FAQ, and various interesting articles.
Sample of the sites' graphicsLearn to Dream Lucid by Stepping Through The Mirror and Go Beyond Dreaming is also listed at the Advanced page and is fully bilingual.
LucidityCarolus den Blanken, a Dutch author known from his book on lucid dreaming. Warning, the link is broken, but I'm leaving it here hoping he will return back to the web some day.
logo De BoerWerken met dromen (work with dreams) is the site from Ada de Boer, who's known from several publications.
DreamBeeDreamBee has dream news, an interesting list of suggested books, and more.
ExplanationDromenuitleg or dream explanation is the website of Ron van Essen. His website shows strong shamanistic influences.
IntroductionThe website Droomtijd is a nicely designed introduction to dreaming by Paula Verheijen.
WorkshopThe author Barbara Driessen offers several dream workshops, some of them shamanistic.

German - General
SethChristoph Gassman offers der nächtliche Traum. Also check out the Seth Philosophie and the Paul Tholey pages.
Child over the fenceWerner Zurfluh's Über den Zaun or Over the Fence describes itself with the following keywords: astral projection, out-of-body experiences, lucid dream, philosophy of life, epistemology, change of the paradigm, fairy-tales.
BlogGuitarist Siggy Becker is also a dreamer. Check out Siggy's blog was wyrd, and look for the traumarbeit category.
Knock knockDie Traumseite has many interesting articles written by Alfred Ballabene.
PsychologyKlaus Bernd Vollmar and Konrad Lenz present the TraumOnline, featuring an online symbol dictionary, literature resources and more.
Sleepwalker Konrad Lenz maintains a large dreambank at Traumpraxis.
Frau The website of dream expert Harald R. Meder looks nice. He explains his approach to dreamwork. Here's a short background article on Meder.
Frau Max Segeth explains the principle of Mirror-Talks.
Bureau Traumbureau is a company by Waltraud Kirschke and Hartmut Ast. They offer workshops and dream groups, and are building a network with other dream bureaus.
Kirche Vienna Dreaming presents dream inspired art from Johanna Vedral, and a study on spider dreams.
ForumAnother website without a name, astralreisen.net features information on astral travel and dreams, as well as a discussion forum.
ForumThe Esoterik Forum has an active section for dreams.
Forum Mindgate has forums for Psi, OBE, Remote Viewing, and dreaming.
Logo Dieter Kroener is a doctor who incorparates dreams in his treatments. See Haemorrhoiden, Stress und Traum.
Reflex zone Wilfried Kaufmann has a large website with many topics. I would like to know more about the reflex zone therapy that somebody (Rudolf Siener?) discovered through a dream.
Doctor Another dreaming doctor, Holger Bertrand Flöttmann, also describes some of his experiences with patients and dreams. Visit the Wilhelm Griesinger Institut.
Shamanism Sonia Emilia introcudes herself with the website Schamanismus. She has trained with several South-American shamans. The website gives a short introduction to shamanism, and gives an overview of available workshops.
Dream character Thomas Engler presents his on seminars on Traumwirk- und Lehrwerkstatt.
Feyler Author Günther Feyler presents himself as a business consultant on his website MDF & GEFF, but the books section shows how strongly he's involved with dreams.
Klippstein Author Hildegard Klippstein wants to introduce interesting books and other information on her website Schafft Verlag - Spielen und Heilen.

German - Lucid Dreams
Lucidity klartraum.de offers information about lucid dreams, and is looking for volunteers to participate in lucid dreaming research that takes place in a sleep laboratory in Mannheim. The website has a fairly active forum.
LucidityThe luCiDiTy - Mailingliste is said to be a popular mailinglist for discussion of lucid dreams.
LucidityRalf's Website contains various articles on especially lucid dreaming, and reports on dream events.
LucidityPart of Stefan Hofmann's homepage is an introduction to Lucid dreaming, known in German as the Klartraum.
Lucidity Traumgrenze is a nicely designed website by Arne Deutsch.

Dreamy painting with John LennonL'Archivio dei sogni is a book project collecting dreams.
Not sureBased in Italy Dreams comes in many languages. This website seems to be just starting, but it could be promising.
JournalFunzione Gamma is a psychological journal with much attention for dreams. Also in English.
ArticlesSogno e telepatia looks like a Freudian perspective on the topic. I'm not sure who the author is, but the copyright says Quirino Zangrilli. There are more articles.
LucidityI'm sure lucid dreaming is popular in Italy too. Yet, one of the few Italian websites on lucid dreaming, SogniLucidi.it doesn't look too active.
Bleeding Roses painting by Salvador DaliThis looks like an Italian dreambank. It is part of the larger Centro Servizi Genius index.
UniversityThe University of Bologna lists two people who have written articles on dreams.
YahooYahoo has a directory for Psychology / Branches / Sleep and dreams.

OrganizationCEO, or the Centro de Estudios Oníricos is the dream association of Chile.
InstituteThe Asociación en México para Estudios en Psicología Profunda, A.C. in Mexico is the Jungian dream institute of Sven Doehner.
FairyThe website of Telepolis has a corner for los sueños. It looks like they just started an illustrated symbol dictionary. There's a quiz, a comprehensive FAQ, as well as several libraries on dream related topics. The forum looks somewhat active.
GroupEl club de los onironautas offers a lot of information, an email group, and a nice set of links.
Dreamy brainCryssta has written a nice introduction to dreams as part of a New Age oriented personal website.
Falling in your sleepOniria is one of those nasty websites that messes with your screen. Otherwise it's a nice website to see. Here's a link to the safe table of contents. Look for the articles.
DreamworkCielo Interior is the website of Armando Rey, who is active in Spain, Mexico, and the USA.
CoursesTaller de Trabajo con Sueños is the website of Karina Malpica, who is active in Spain and Mexico. There's also a nice forum.
IntroductionPortal Dimension has a nice and long article about the question ¿Qué son los sueños? Look for the forum as well.

OrganizationOniros is the French version of the Association for the Study of Dreams (not related). At the same website you find (or used to find) the EASD, a European ASD.
Enjoy your surfing!

Harry Bosma is looking forward to comments, email him at hbosma@xs4all.nl. For dream interpretations please visit the Mythwell.com site for the Alchera dreaming software.

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