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Last change: April 1, 2001.

Qi Gong

I became interested in Qi Gong just before I learned I was seriously ill. On tv I had seen a seventy year old Chinese man testing a twenty year old man highly skilled in various martial arts. The test was simple. The young man just had to throw down the old man. If he succeeded, he would be allowed to follow classes. Surprisingly enough the young man failed. The old man stood like a rock, catched the young man's hand and blocked the hit. Than the voice-over told this was a Qi Gong teacher, having many ninety year old's in his class. Incredible!

I only started practicing myself october 1998. At this point (december 1998) the results I get are encouraging. I usually do only one or two standing exercises and I do these exercises just before going to bed. This would be a convenient time for me anyway, but it has the added advantage that it seems to make it easier to correct shifts in sleeping patterns due to over excitement during the day (not that uncommon in CFS-patients).

I'm a bit uncomfortable about doing these exercises from books, without having any guidance from a qualified teacher of trainer. Having just begun, the exercises still seem to be primarily about building strength. That can't be that dangerous (I hope).

A few links I like...

The Qi Gung (Chi Kung) Subject Index available at Acupuncture.

MindGazer Qigong Files, Tao and Hitch Hiker's Guide with lots of background information and recommanded books.

Various articles on Chi Kung by Gary J. Clyman.

A Brief Introduction to Yan Xin Qigong.

Diti's Qigong Page.

Sun Do Mountain Taoist Breathing Meditation.

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